A dj and producer with a great love of psy trance. Along with his friends he puts on an awesome psy trance night in Oxford called Lucid. He is always looking to perform his music on other dance floors. He is up for collaborating, remixing and any feedback on his production.

Enjoy the music.



Electronic music producer and composer . Daniel Ritter (Critter) is a psytrance producer that resides in Mexico City and is part of the Woodog Recordings label. His music has a carefully built, dark atmosphere that manages to define and play gracefully with different layers in the head room. Daniel is constantly searching for new ways to express his ideas through the production of bubbling high frequency leads. Born in a family of artists, he has studied music since childhood. In his early years, he studied flamenco guitar with great dedication and later, in his adolescence, he learned about the psychedelic scene and dabbled a little with production. After that, he studied physics and mathematics. Now Daniel is intent on working seriously on his ideas and sharing them with the psychedelic scene. His high quality music has lately been noticed by artists worldwide.



Music inspired by nature, psychedelic gatherings, experiences, astrology, science, the golden ratio, geometry, mathematics, balance and sacred geometry.



Amazing addition to the woodog family is the "funky freak"from france !

Lulled into a world of psychedelic sounds from an early age, Tom meets the desire to create those clean sounds when he discovered psychedelic trance, The door opens with grainy textures and gooey, groovy rhythms, kick punchy bass and atmosphere to infinite vibrations

Bercé dans un monde aux sonorités psychédéliques dès son plus jeune âge, Tom rencontre l'envie de créer ces propres sons lorsque qu'il découvre la Trance psychédélique, La porte s'ouvre sur des textures granuleuses et gluantes, des rythmiques groovy, un kick bass pêchu et une atmosphère aux vibrations infinies

loose_connectionLoose  Connection

Loose Connection is the psy trance project of Kris Thomas and Simon Morris. Our project is aimed for darker more twisted times of the night where both of our love of psytrance lies. The idea is to have a hard, high energy feel with deep psychedelic sounds and glitch patterns while played over a fat chunky bass line. We've both been into music as far back as we can remember. I (Kris) grew up listening to music from my brothers which definatley had something to do with what I like today. When I was older enough to start developing my taste more in music I listened to lots of stoner rock and punk until I found my path with electronic music. Where I found the likes of idm, electronica and tech step drum and bass and started joining bands playing bass. I started out in the dance scene in acid techno free parties in the welsh mountains and warehouses until I met a certain group of friends which introduced me to psytrance and I finally found what I’ve been searching for. Since then I began to dj in a local night which my mate Lloyd positivist and Morris and I put on called "Chaos Theory".  I decided that I wanted to create my own spin on what I psychedelic music is for me and begin writing music on cubase with Morris.its now been two years since we started writing tunes together and as the journey unfolds I find myself delving deeper into creation and meeting amazing people along the way.

Cosmic Brahma

€OśMi€ βRáĥMA™

(Trance, Chill, Ambient)

Cosmic Brahma aka Abbhy or Abhishek started his djying way back in 2003, He learned Djying from Pro School of Disc jockey in Bangalore, India. Since, then he was deeply chained into the world of music where he learned different art of mixing on cd's and turntable. In 2003 he played with different dj's in Bangalore and in 2004 he became the resident dj of "Explode". His style was mainly hiphop and House. The clubs in Bangalore where Abbhy was associated with are Urban Edge, Spin, The Night watchman pub, Tuscan Verve, F-Bar and many more. He played in Trivandrum, South park Hotel in 2005. On that year itself he got the chance to attend some great outdoor electronic parties which helped him to learn the contemporary art of electronic music. Till 2006 he attended a lot of parties in and out and got the hinch of this electronic art of music. Soon in 2006, he started to play in few parties in Bangalore where he patronages the art of Morning Psychedelic trance which was his favorite in the genre of Psytrance music. Experiencing on the track of lot of parties he then shifted to his hometown, Guwahati and started to organize and play in some more parties. In 2007 October he got a chance to play in Flames, Bangalore and then he moved on with the vibes to different places of India including Goa where he played in Paradiso, Mamboos, and 9 Bar. In June 2009, he organized few parties in Klub 7, Delhi and played till the core with two being the promo parties for Mandala project Festival. The journey has started but still need to go a long way to follow the FINAL DESTINATION... He has played in all the big machines and now his dedication and passion for music has chained him to start playing something of his own product thereby exploring the in-depth of music where he is trying to infuse the vision of melodies and crunchy basslines to grip you in a chain of undiluted atmosphere.


Vial Au/dI0/Gramme


VIAL is the brainchild of Delhi based producer Vikrant Rathore, known for his distinctive and varied electronic/psychedelic sounds. Playing his first ever Dj set in 1998 it has been a long evolving journey. As AU/D10/GRAMME he is best known for his melodic and cutting edge morning/progressive psytrance, and his unstoppable energy on the console. Sharing stage and performing with artistes such as ASTRIX, ASTRAL PROJECTION, TRISTAN, AVALON, PVD, SKAZI, G.M.S, ACE VENTURA, LIQUIDSOUL,,JUDGE JULES, X- NOIZE, MARCEL WOODS, SOLAR STONE, to name a few has given him the opportunity to take his music to a more global audience and share his magic music on the dance floor. constantly travelling and with a busy gig schedule he has earned the love and affection of his listeners and fans across india. He has been a constant on lineups for various festivals like Sunburn, Mountain Madness, Vh1 supersonic and more. A degree in music production from the much respected music and creative media school Point Blank Studios, London ,has helped him even further to crave his music and get a deeper knowledge of sound. His new project “VIAL “ is focusing majorly on producing and playing night psychedelic music, groovy baselines with complex arrangements and forest elements is how you can define his sets as VIAL.

mark_dayMark Day

Welcome guest producer Mark Day  recently signed to Blue Hour sounds is smashing the trancefloors to bits at the moment... His blistering bass lines and cutting edge sounds really are weapon grade. Hold tight for the journey into the depths of your untapped mind



Intoducing South African younggun JACKSOURSE a cheeky blend of awesome basslines and well placed leads make this act one to look out for, gaining swift reconition at home and abroad coming to a party near you sooon !..

chris_richChris Rich

This man needs no introduction. Killer live sets at every booking, Chris’ skill and style is obvious. Recently signed to Bom Shanka Records- free Radical Records and Mindfunk, Chris is enjoying releases on various labels across the genres..


Sprocket was born in February 2010 when Psy-Clone (James) started producing again after a 2 year break.  After a lot of time perfecting his sound and direction James decided to re-brand his project. Sprocket is that project - a fusion of dark noises and a full on feel, with James' usual quirk and cheek thrown in. After testing his tunes on different dance floors over the last few months, James has been locked away preparing his live set. His sound is polished and cheeky, with wonderful production clarity. Recently signed to catawampus records keep your eyes peeled for this man at a party near you .

Instinct Wave

Instinct Wave

aka La Pietra Pasquale is a maverick Italian Speedark producer based in Bologna (IT). 

Since 2000 Pasquale has worked with a lot of best italian crew and organization.This proj was born in the day of his 33th birthday and it will be full power for sure ....with highspeed, psychedelic sound, powerfull groove....this kind of music is a soup of hi-tech / tekno /psytekno / sychedelic / psydark / dark .... digital ep Psychology Attack  available at all good portals

Neurosynthesis is a project formed by Eduardo Tonini and Lucas Roth, natives of Caxias do Sul. Two minds have come together to create their vision of what is psychedelic. With nocturnal tones and dancing basslines, their songs range from 146 to 150 bpms.



After DJing psytrance for many years, the Skyhighatrist was born. The aim: to create a trippy groove of funky bass lines and twisted leads. To find strange noises, obliterate samples and tame synthesizers into yielding their secrets. I am still meandering down this wonderful path, meeting some amazing people along the way and having a whole heap of fun. My down tempo meanderings are under my Skyhigh'n'ting alter ego. For collaborations and communications, please pm me, I'd love to hear from you....Positive vibes Mark :-)



FOBI is Darko Velkovski, a 23 years old artist from Macedonia. He lives in Stip and Skopje (temporary). He started to listen Psy Trance back in 1997 and with long time consuming this sound start DJ-ing at parties around Macedonia in 2000 (Visual Tribe Expedition ), and also (Mind Vibration). In 2002 Fobi was born. His first few songs were written on the FL studios but after a while he realized that the Logic / Cubase platform is far more suitable and music more clarity. His music is night power dark-mood psychedelic with powerful bass-lines, a lot of effects, leads… His innovative approach towards trance music makes him a promising young producer who has a lot to give…Colaborating whith: Samadhi,Digital X,Module Virus,Dissociactive and many other friends...


Mashing up the trancefloor every single time with his twisted blend of night leads and killa hard basslines, this lad is swiftly getting noticed in the U.K and abroad...Having played the cream of theU.K. club and squat partys OCCULAR is also concentrating on producing his own twist on his dj sound,

having just secured releases on some top underground labels and recently taken on by Bom Shanka Music things are looking LARGE . keep an eye out coming to a trancefloor near you !


Mole of Italy (Looney moon recs)is a welcome guest producer here at Woo-Dog. He has had many releases on all the top labels and his live sets are quickly gaining a reputation of total trancefloor destruction.


In the late 90’s a Makus character from Ukraine of astronomical magic ventured into the world of psychedelic trance with that extra passion in the spikadelika. In 2006 a match made in the cosmos where to be born as Makus and his beloved Dana Do formed what would become, Overdream.

Overdream is a beautiful collaboration between two souls, two lovers of two planets (Mars and Venus). This is a celebration of two people with a passion for the psychedelic and a curiosity for the trance and the magic of holy dance.


OVERDREAM studio as available for all your mastering requirements.

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