From the depths of the Bristol underground scene Psyc0de and Woo-Dog were unleashed. Hitting hard with his ear mashing selection of pre-released and classic hard edged monsters. Coupled with plenty of years mixing experience Psyc0de keeps the bass-drivers humming from start to finish. Having played at some of the top gigs in Europe compliled 2 coveted various albums and being the label manager he's been adding wicked  artists and dj's from all across the globe ensuring the future is looking bright for WooDog Recs helping to push forward the human evolution of consciousness .

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Tiago Pires

Tiago Pires, DJ since 2006, has played alongside big names of world psytrance scene and at some major partys and festivals in Brazil. With his sets filled with acid and psychedelic sounds, he says, "No matter what anybody says, I play what I like and feel the people and that's enough!" Always with different sets, make the dancefloor an extension of his soul and a reflection of his imagination. Currently part of the casting label Ayauma, from Brazil .


Corey Madhatter

Madhatter (Woo Dog, S.T.A.R.Labs, Futterwacken) Madhatter AKA Corey Felsman is known for his psychedelic beats, groovy base lines and ability to get a dance floor hopping no matter what style he plays, be it Morning, Night Time, Forest or Hi Tech, all his sets have a mix of the old classics, our new favorites and unreleased tracks that will blow your mind. !!



Born in 1988, in a small city in the middle of the Alps, Andrea has always loved music. His idea is that the music is true and emotional when it's made as a free and indipendent way to express themselves, to denounce injustice, to claim and spread the truth that the media and the system don't want us to discover. Throughout the years he went through different underground styles, from punk to ska, from metal to tekno, from reggae to drum'n bass. But then, in 2004, he suddenly came across Psychedelic Trance, and was immediately seduced by these surreal and engaging tunes!! From that time onwards it was true love: first street parade in 2005, then many unforgettable parties in Itay, where he met wonderful people that showed him the true side of psytrance: love, friendship, inner growth, fun and adventures. He then began to attend summer festivals: Ozora, Momento Demento, Lost Theory, Future Nature, Blackmoon, Roenaissance. Few years ago he started to mix psytrance, initially full-on and night underground, but then he decided to focus on Forest and Darkpsy music, seduced by obscure sounds and trippy tunes. Until he was in Italy he played only in small parties in the area, but when he landed in London, thanks to the help of many friends, he began to play in bigger parties, sharing the deck with international artist such as Confo, Elowinz, Loose Connection, Isochronic, Vertex, Nomad25, Sprocket, Muscaria, Propagul, Noizebug, Fractal Error, Dark Elf, Meerkut, Metaphyz, Anubian, Mad Scientist and few others. Thank you to all the smiles, to all the energy and the feedback received so far from the dancefloor. I love it!



Tiplicity festival head honcho and hardened psychedelic warrior who will take you on a spectacular journey through the twisted dimensions of funky chunk to the muntfunk.
 Relentless pounding psychedelia will oscillate your mind, body and soul in ways that may have only been perceived before by the most badass muthafuckers who roamed the inky void before the big bang… Immerse yourself in this sonic swamp and emerge satisfied in ways your lover could only wish to obtain.


Orion Project

ORION PROJECT(Biography): Orion is a project of Hans Jeetun from Mauritius (Indian Ocean), who has recently settled in Pune with the intention of growing in the Underground Music Industry. Born on the 20th of December 1984, Hans has been entertaining and mesmerising music lovers since 2007 with food for the soul.

Cybernetic Ghost

Cybernetic Ghost

WooDog young gun on full rince!

Dj and Producer  !



Absolute legend and top man Gacid... abducted as a baby brought back to earth and locked in a cellar for a few years until I sculpted dex out of my own waste and escaped to play psychedelic music in 1995 Squat party big dog with the experience and the tunes to dig in deep


Dj Bionic

My name is Mario S. I was born in 1986 in Salzburg. My DJ name is Bionic. I turned to DJing goa trance in 2004. I am employing various styles according to circumstances, ranging from classic goa sounds, fine progressive tunes and atmospheric psytrance to twillight twisters, heavy forrest grooves, full power night psy and also high tech dark I performed on stage with acts like: G.M.S. , Star Sound Orchestra, U Recken, Dust, Hilight Tribe, Materia, Astartica, Mole, Module Virus, Mental Broadcast, Foam, Parandroid, Assault Junkies, Dark Whisper, S.D.I. Taliesin and many more.

A Pocket Full of Research